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Title: Important Health Notification


Top doctors were left completely paralyzed after they saw patients recovered

They just couldn’t believe how so many previously sick people were disease free

And how they lost enormous amounts of weight

Without any pills, diets or efforts

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Title: Important Health Update


This bacteria that nobody has ever heard of is in fact the real cause of sugar spikes

And the real cause for weight gain and metabolism disorders

And a bunch of other health issues

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TITLE: Scientist were wrong about everything


The real cause for type 2 diabetes just got out

And you wouldn’t believe what it is

And how easy it’s to deal with it

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TITLE: Do you know what really drives your sugar spikes? (it’s not sugar)


This new discovery will change everything you think you knew about what causes blood sugar levels to rise

It’s not sugar and junk food

It’s not your weight

And it’s not genetics

Check this video right here and see for yourself
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TITLE: This is why your type 2 diabetes gets worse


New research points out breakthrough discovery in dealing with type  2 diabetes

It may shock you, but the cause for this condition is nothing you’ve heard of before

It’s not food, it’s not lack of exercise and it’s definitely NOT YOU!

Discover now how to forever reverse your type 2 diabetes

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TITLE: 7 second ritual melts 40 pounds of fat


Hi [Var_First_Name],

I shared this simple 7 second ritual with one of my clients a couple of month ago.

She had been struggling with diabetes and weight pretty much all her life.

And seemed to be stuck in a perpetual limbo of  high sugar levels, low sugar levels and then higher levels again

And weight loss, weight gain, weight loss, weight gain...

But when she started doing THIS 7 second daily ritual things rapidly changed...

She had fast fat loss from her hips, thighs face and arms.

While enjoying an increase in energy and zest for life.

She also had a youthful glow to her skin that she hadn't seen in years.

>> Try This Simple 7 Second Daily Ritual For Yourself Here

Hope this helps you too

I'm confident it will!

[Sign off name]
Email swipe #7
TITLE: 7 Second Daily Ritual Melts Stubborn Fat While You Sleep


Hi [Var_First_Name],

This simple 7 second daily ritual was tested with a group of volunteers.

In total 242 people, all suffering from varying levels of obesity.

After ninety days the results were more incredible than any of them could have ever imagined…

On average they lost 54 pounds of fat...

They experienced increased energy…

Better mood…

Several of them could even see their abs for the first time ever…

This simple 7 second ritual had actually worked on everyone!

Regardless of how much they had to lose…

Their metabolism…

Their genetics…

or their age.

==> Click Here To Learn More (Sleep Yourself Healthy may be used in here)

[Sign off name]

P.S This presentation may not be up for long so make sure to check it out before it's removed.

Email swipe #8
TITLE: Special Health Update


All doctors from all fields where amazed when they saw this

They couldn't believe that a lot of overweight patients have this one deeply disturbing thing in common...

And that every extra pound of fat, in fact, a symptom of another hidden condition...

==> Find out more here: [Insert Link]
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TITLE: Why this INGREDIENT is your type 2 diabetes alley


Fighting type 2 diabetes can be tought

Our Raika Diabetes Reverser has tools, tips and recipes plans

To help you long, lasing and potentially definitive results

Check this link in here >>insert link<<

And reverse your condition NOW
Email swipe #10
TITLE: Are people of color getting the diabetes treatment they really need?


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source

An estimated 34.2 million Americans of all ages — or 1 in 10 in the United States — have diabetes.

With diabetes cases on the rise, data from the CDCTrusted Source also suggests that among the total U.S. population

Racial minorities, namely black, Hispanic, and Asian people, are diagnosed more than their White counterparts.

That means diabetes prevalence is higher among color people

Watch this video to learn why >>Insert Link<<
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TITLE: Ways to save money on diabetes supplies


Stop wasting money on type 2 diabetes “management”

Try this routine >>Insert Link<< and get access to the solution that will treat the root cause of your condition

So no more finger poking needles

No more test strips

No more glucose meters

No more expensive doctor visits

Expensive medicine

And many other more

This routine will erase diabetes from your life

Email swipe #12
TITLE: What happens when your blood sugars are out of control


Check this video inside here >> Insert Link<<

And see the devastating effects that poorly controlled diabetes can have on your kidneys, nerves, heart, and more.

Check this video to see what you can do to reverse those effects >>Insert Link<<

And be insulin-resistance free
Email swipe #13
TITLE: 10 Tips to sleep better with diabetes


There’s a known link between type 2 diabetes and sleep difficulties. If you’re having trouble sleeping, these video can help >>Insert Link<<

The cyclic relationship between bad sleep and diabetes is exposed

And this video shows you how to solve that problem

So click >>HERE<<  and find out how you can zero out all these problems from your life
Email swipe #14
TITLE: Anxiety and Diabetes —  What’s the connection?


Americans with diabetes are 20 percent more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety.

Learn why it happens and what you can do to manage stress

Normalize your sugar levels

And tackle insulin resitance

For life!!!

Click here >>Insert Link<< and find out more
Email swipe #15
TITLE: How diabetes affects your heart


Discover how diabetes is linked to

High blood pressure

Imbalanced cholesterol levels

And nerve damage that all raise your risk of a heart attack.

Click here >>Insert Link<<

And reveal how to reverse all that